Something A Little Extraordinary

I completely adore jewellery, especially pieces that are unique to the extent that they have the ability to completely transform an outfit from the simple and ordinary, into something a little extraordinary.

The jewellery gods have been good to me lately and I wanted to show off my latest pieces in all their splendour. I know they won’t be to everyone’s taste, but hey that’s fashion, and I don’t care because I love them…a lot.


First up is The Claw. Full finger armour rings had a huge moment last year and they’ve stuck around ever since. This one cost me £5 from Portobello Market and I’m totally prepared to bat away the barrage of ‘you’ll have someone’s eye out’ and ‘isn’t that classed as a weapon’ comments in its defence. Paired with simple outfits it looks amazing.



Even though I rarely wear earrings during the day, I never feel fully dressed for a night out without them. I’ve had a huge thing for ear cuffs for a long time and I love the slightly rebellious feel they add to outfits. This hint of rebellion, paired with pretty emerald-esque stones meant these had to be mine the minute I saw them sat in H&M for £7.99. I can’t wait to wear them with an evening dress, a la Cara Delevingne at the Met Ball.


Last but by no means least is this serpent ear cuff. I’ve batted away suggestions that I look like a member of ‘the old bill’ with my earpiece in, and will staunchly defend this bobby dazzler with all my might. I love that it is delicate yet makes a big statement, and I like to style it as much for day as for night. Plus, £5 from Portobello Market – major style score!

Something A Little Extraordinary

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